What better way to protect your Tesla than with a custom vinyl wrap?

You just bought a brand new Tesla, perhaps one of the most coveted cars at the moment for its class, sophistication and technology of the future. Whether you have chosen a Tesla Model 3, Model X or

Model S, one thing is certain, they all are a beautiful investment. As with any other investment, you want to do all that you can to protect it and hey, why not customize it too! Explore vinyl wraps and all the customization and protection benefits they offer.

Supreme Wraps, located in Orlando, ensures only the highest quality and state of the art vinyl wraps for your vehicle. With certified, experienced technicians and the use of supreme quality, brand name vinyl wrapping materials we provide the best vinyl wrapping services in Florida. A Tesla vinyl wrap not only helps protect your car from everyday wear & tear it also adds a list of other benefits as well.

Tesla Vinyl
Wrap Benefits

  • Protects your investment
  • Keeps vehicle looking classy & sophisticated
  • Enhances style/texture of car without altering original paint job or harming the body of the car
  • Protects against road debris
  • Protects against harsh weather elements
  • Protects against bird droppings
  • Protects against hard water spots
  • Offers factory paint protection
  • So MANY colors to choose from (over 100 different options!)
  • Different textures & finishes to choose from

The benefits of a Tesla vinyl wrap are practically endless. Not only do you have an array of colors to choose from you can also enhance or change the texture of your vehicles paint. Think adding a finish such as matte, matte-metallic, carbon fiber, gloss, brush, Chrome or Chrome Delete.

What about a Chrome Delete for Tesla? A Chrome Delete is a vinyl wrap that helps you to “delete” or hide the chrome trim that all manufacturers install along windows, grilles, and other intricate parts of your vehicle. A Chrome Delete allows you to replace the chrome with a matte or gloss finish that enhances the beauty and overall look of your vehicle. After all Supreme Wraps believes it’s all in the little details!

Ceramic Pro
For Tesla

Enhance your vinyl wrap with our ceramic pro packages. As Certified Ceramic Pro Installers in Orlando, we can apply ceramic pro after a vinyl wrap or offer it as a stand alone service.

What happens if you don’t necessarily want a vinyl wrap for your Tesla but just a special coating or protective shield for the original paint job at hand? Look no further Supreme Wraps has the perfect protective shield for your vehicle. Ceramic Pro, a state of the art liquid polymer coating, is applied to your cars body where it chemically bonds with your cars paint and forms a protective shine and gloss enhancing shield. Not only is Ceramic Pro one of the best paint protection coatings out there it will help keep your Tesla looking like you just drove it off the lot for years to come. With different Ceramic Pro coating packages to choose from you are sure to get the desired look and protection you wish for your car. Ceramic Pro for Tesla also has added benefits beyond just paint protection and enhanced beauty!

Ceramic Pro Benefits

  • Car stays cleaner longer
  • Easier to clean & maintain car
  • Resits chemical etching & stains
  • Helps to prevent oxidation
  • Helps protect against hard water spots
  • Maintains original paint job & helps protect it
  • Enhances overall gloss & shine

Our professional vinyl wrap and Ceramic Pro installers know that having anything done to the body of your car can be a bit intimidating. Should you have any question, concerns or would like more info on custom vinyl wrapping or applying a Ceramic Pro coating to your Tesla or other vehicle please feel free to call us at 407-668-4247, email us or fill out one of our contact forms. Our experienced auto customization professionals here at Supreme Wraps are here to help make your vinyl wrapping process that much easier!


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