Boat Wraps are becoming more and more popular as an effective way to customize and protect your boat….and for a lot cheaper than a traditional paint job.

Vinyl wraps are not just made for your car, truck or company fleet! They are great for your fishing boat, sailboat, yacht, jet ski and all other types of watercraft. In fact a vinyl boat wrap can be used not only to customize your boat or watercraft, but also will act as a protectant and help to make routine cleaning and maintenance a lot easier!

For those of you who spend time on the water here in Orlando, FL, you know that the sun’s UV-Rays, salt and other weather related elements often can weigh heavily on your boats exterior. As a boat owner you also know just how important keeping your boat clean and well maintained is.

Benefits of Vinyl
Wrapping Your Boat

With a vinyl boat wrap you are able to wrap the interior/exterior of your boat, emblemize your boat’s name, incorporate textured accents and create customized graphics.  However, there are many other benefits to having a vinyl wrap applied to your boat.

  • Affordable
  • Graphic Customization
  • Completely Removable
  • Protective Shield For Boat/Watercraft Exterior
  • Easy To Clean
  • No Waxing Needed….EVER!

How To Maintain & Care For
Your Vinyl Boat Wrap

Having a vinyl boat wrap can literally cut cleaning time in HALF!.  All You will need is Dish Soap, Soft Cloth or Brush, Water. Simply rinse the surface off with water, gently scrub boats surface with dish soap & water mixture using the cloth or soft brush, rinse again with water.  Use a silicone squeegee/microfiber towel to dry boats surface.   This will help to combat water spots.

  • Do Not Power Wash Your Boat! Power washing your boat will force water under your boats vinyl wrap, which in turn will cause it to lift from the boats exterior.
  • Rinse Corrosive Chemicals Immediately! Should your boat or watercraft come in contact with any harsh or corrosive chemicals, you should rinse the area immediately with water. This will prevent damage to the vinyl wrap.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Cuts Grime/Bug Deposits Should you have excessive grime, bug deposits or other stubborn build up, spray the surface with isopropyl alcohol. This will safely & gently help to remove build up.

Supreme Wraps understands the need for perfection and quality when it comes to vinyl wrapping your boat or watercraft.  We provide top of the line vinyl wrapping services in Orlando, FL and many of its surrounding areas.  Our 3M certified technicians pay attention to every detail in each stage of the vinyl wrapping process. From creating, to designing and installing your vinyl wrap, Supreme Wraps strives to provide only the highest quality of attention and service.  We use top of the line vinyl film materials and equipment. Have questions or want to learn more about boat wraps?  Fill out our quote form or give us a call 407-668-4247.

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